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  • Commentary: My 31 Hours of Daytona By Brandon Whitton

    Posted by Brandon Whitton – follow on twitter @whittonbm January 29, 2015 The 53rd Rolex 24 marked the fourth sports car race I've attended, and the first time I covered one as a member of the media. I wanted to do something different in terms of reporting, so I decided to keep a detailed…

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History Not On Newman And RCR’s Side For Repeat Run

Written by Stephen on . Posted in Featured, Nascar Sprint Cup Series

©2014, Matthew T. Thacker NKP

©2014, Matthew T. Thacker

Written by Stephen Conley
February 1, 2015

Twitter: @Stephen_Conley

The NASCAR Media Tour always brings out the best in teams, owners and drivers. Excitement is always high for the new racing season to begin and everyone is starting out on that clean slate.

For most drivers, they are looking at ways to increase their performance from a year ago. Whether it’s getting to victory lane for the first time, or the 50th time. Whether it’s to score more top-10 finishes or just have more finishes in general. It’s all about knowing that you roll in to Daytona on equal footing as the champion from a year ago.

For some teams, they know that equal footing will be short lived, but for others, like Ryan Newman and his Richard Childress Racing team, that foothold should be strong as they just fell a spot short of taking the title from Kevin Harvick.

During this week’s stop at Richard Childress Racing, Ryan and his team owner talked about their level of optimism and changes the team has in store for 2015.

“I think I had as much fun last year racing as I’ve had in a long time,” he revealed Thursday morning. “We were a little more relaxed; we didn’t win but, we know we can win. We were right there,” said Childress.