Chatting with NASCAR driver Landon Cassill

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series veteran driver Landon Cassill discussed his season, changes with the new aero package and team partnerships.

Landon Cassill, a 10-year veteran in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, talked with Motor Racing Digest at Richmond Raceway. The driver of the No. 00 Chevrolet for StarCom Racing discussed his 2019 season so far, the changes under the new aero package and his goal for the rest of the season.

How would you rate your season so far?

I think we’ve done pretty well but I think that we could definitely do better. I think that we’ve got a pretty good engine program and I think at times that we haven’t done it justice.

We compare ourselves to the No. 15 car of Ross Chastain and sometimes the No. 32 car of Corey LaJoie. I would say the 32 car has speed more consistently than us but I think that that we are capable of having more speed than the 15 car if we could just put it all together.

We have to continue to improve our cars and from that we’ll get some more more speed.

What changes have you seen with the new aero package this year?

I think the biggest thing is we’ve had really make sure we get our cars free enough because they seem to tighten up. With having a bigger spoiler on the back we have to keep the cars as free as possible.

On the mile and a half speedways we need to trim our cars out more. The bodies are still built the same way that our bodies were built last year and they’re built for downforce and side force and it’s not the best for drag.

We’ve had to review some of the bodies moving forward and hopefully we get some speed out of them.

Landon Cassill is running in his second full-time season with StarCom Racing. (World Copyright: John Harrelson, NKP)

Would you like to see changes being made to the qualifying format?

I think it qualifying is a really important aspect of our sport but I think it’s probably sucked up a little bit too much of our time. So it would be nice to see NASCAR kind of settle that out and tone it down so we can you get back to the real story lines during the weekend.

I think single car qualifying had a lot to do with my rising up as a driver in my career. I think that there’s a lot of pressure on single car qualifying where you only having one chance. When NASCAR introduced group qualifying one of their selling points was that drivers and teams could come in and cool their cars down and take another shot at it.

I didn’t like that. It didn’t I feel like it was the true nature of the sport. You should get one chance to see what your car is. So I would love if they went back to single car qualifying.

What are your thoughts on the 2020 NASCAR schedule?

I’m looking forward to the doubleheader at Pocono Raceway. I think that’s a really neat idea and I think that Pocono is a great venue for that. I think they’ve done a good job of building a good infrastructure for their fan base to spend the weekend there and watch two races.

It’s going to be really cool just to see how it works out for the race teams. I think that it can actually be very profitable for the race teams to maybe run one car in two races and get double the money. I think I could really save the teams a lot of money and buys us an extra weekend.

Can you talk about your partnership with Superior Essex and a local Michigan police department to raise funds for equipment they need?

We built a partnership with Superior Essex and the Napoleon Michigan Police Department. They’re a small police department and we heard they have some needs. They are only on a $300,000 budget so and are in need of replacing in-car cameras and body cameras.

#00: Landon Cassill, Manscaped Racing, Chevrolet Camaro StarCom Fiber

We thought that we could use their sponsorship as a platform to raise some money. We are really proud to do that and really excited to go to Michigan and see what we can accomplish with them. (Here is their fundraising page)

Talk a little bit about StarCom debuting at the New York International Auto Show?

I’m really excited about this. StarCom Fiber is making a big investment in the New York Auto Show and since it’s a long show there could be a million people there. That would be a lot of exposure for us and an opportunity for fans and companies to come meet me and see the race car and get to know the team a little bit.

It’s a unique way for a NASCAR team to market themselves. I will be there on Tuesday, April 23 from 4 – 6 p.m. and Wednesday, April 24 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

What is your goal by the next time we visit Richmond Raceway?

I think by the next time we get to Richmond hopefully we’ve really figured out this aero package at the bigger tracks and and have our cars trimmed out a little bit better. It’ll be September so hopefully by that time we know what we’re doing for 2020 and we’re working ahead of schedule for our cars next year.

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