A Day At Hendrick Motorsports with Head Pit Crew Coach for 48/88: Greg Morin

Photo: Anne-Marie Rhodes

Posted By: Anne-Marie Rhodes, follow @annemarierhodes

Concord, NC- Many of us watch each week as crew jumps over pit walls and sprint around race cars trying to not only get their driver back on the track the fastest, but also compete with each other.  That’s right, the competition isn’t just on the track, it’s over the wall on pit road as well.  I’m sure many of you are like me, wondering how these indiviuals get there?  What kind of training do they have to go through to make it all the way to that point?  Who gets them ready?  We hear a lot about crew chiefs working with the teams, but what about other behind the scenes guys?  Well…meet Greg Morin.  He is the head pit crew coach for the 48 and 88 teams.  In this interview he is going to tell you all about what he does and what it takes to make it to the top.  If anyone would know, it would definitely be the guy that works for one of the teams that’s been holding the championship title for the last five years.  I was fortunate that Greg allowed me to spend the afternoon observing their 48/88 pit crew practice.  I will say this, after seeing it with my own eyes, there’s no doubt in my mind these guys have the determination to not only be the best, but maintain being the best.  Focus wasn’t lost for one minute during practice.  After they were finished I sat down with Greg, because I had to pick his brain even more about exactly what he does and how they maintain a place at the top.  Continue reading “A Day At Hendrick Motorsports with Head Pit Crew Coach for 48/88: Greg Morin”