Soundbites Danica Patrick Part One

Danica Patrick:

On last year…

I did, I think the beginning of the year got to me a little bit, it was a relatively overwhelming off season with a lot going on and very little time off.  The start of the season came and I really felt optimistic with my pre season testing then once the year came it was like, reality set in and it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be.

I started letting the results themselves get to me a lot instead of recognizing the fact that there were some good things going on, that it’s okay if I don’t set the world on fire every weekend and that, that’s not realistic.  I tried to be more positive and optimistic as the year went on and not letting the results get to me so much and oddly enough the year starts to go better too.

On testing in the off season…

I only tested once, just last week.  Not nearly as much testing as last year.  Testing’s always needed, but I really feel like for me, I’ve never said that if I had the chance to drive a race car every day I would do it, I wouldn’t.  That’s too much.  This is my 20th year of racing and I feel excited for the year because I’ve had time off.