First Soundbites from Media Day at Daytona Anne-Marie Rhodes

Jimmie Johnson on the 48 pit crew changes…

“At the end of the year we were in a position we didn’t want to be in.  We certainly made a move that wasn’t typical for the 48 team.  Every off season we go through and try to make sure we’ve got the best people on the roster.  This year is different we changed more positions.  I’d say five of the six guys going over the wall in this coming year are new to us.  We may have some bumps in the road early; it’s going to be a much different look with our guys. You’re going to see some real athletes; these guys are the real deal.  They are young, athletic, all have a sports background and we feel that that will help from a physical standpoint.  Also from a pressure standpoint where they’ve played important games in the past and they know how to deal with those emotions.”

Joey Logano on making it as a driver and his Chase thoughts…

“I think the sport’s changed a little bit since I started.  I think I’m one of the last guys to make it without bringing money to a race team.  I look at a lot of my friends now to this day and they’re struggling, trying to get a ride.  Coleman Pressley is my roommate, I talk to him every night about him, he’s trying to put something together all the time to get in a race car, it’s a tough gig.

On the Chase:  If you look at the first few races of last year, we were Chase caliber; we were top 10 in points.  Then summer came and we just self destructed. That’s the part we’ve got to work on this year.  I do feel like it’s more realistic this year than last year to make the Chase.”