Winners of National Motorsports Press Association Awards 2010

In the world of motorsports a National Motorsports Press Association award is at the top of the list for accomplished and aspiring journalists alike.  It is an honor to become a member of the NMPA, and even greater an honor to win one of their special awards.  I feel that being recognized by the National Motorsports Press Association is a great achievement and I wanted to share with my readers who some of the award winners are.  Below is a list of some of the accomplished writers, photographers, and other notable members of the NMPA that received a prestigious award at the NMPA Awards Banquet.


2010 Photographer Of The Year Howard O’Reilly Award: John Harrelson

Harrelson Photography/Getty Images

T. Taylor Warren Picture of the Year Award: Michael Levitt, LAT

Race Action Photography

First Place    John Harrelson     Harrelson Photography/Getty Images

Open Photography

First Place         Geoff Burke        Getty Images

Portrait/Personality Photography

First Place         Jim Fluharty       NASCAR Illustrated

Crash Action Photography

First Place        Mark Rebilas        U.S. Presswire

Feature Photography

First Place       Michael Levitt        LAT

Spot News/Daily & Internet

First Place          Ryan McGee

Race Coverage/Daily & Internet

First Place             Jeff Gluck  

Columns/Daily & Internet

First Place        Dave Moody         Sirius

Feature Writing

First Place         Ryan McGee         ESPN The Magazine

Spot News/Non-Daily

First Place         Ryan McGee         ESPN The Magazine

Race Coverage/Non-Daily

First Place           Ryan McGee           ESPN The Magazine


First Place          Ryan McGee          ESPN The Magazine

George Cunningham Award: Ryan McGee, ESPN the Magazine Daily & Internet, Non – Daily

Spot News Radio

First Place                 Suzanne Clavette         Motor Racing Network/Sirius Speedway

Short Form Feature Radio

First Place             Pat Patterson           ESPN

Long Form Feature Radio:

First Place            Mark Garrow           Performance Racing Network

Live Event Broadcast Radio

First Place            Doug Rice               Performance Racing Network

NMPA Broadcaster of the Year: Mark Garrow, Performance Racing Network

Spot News Television

First Place               David Whisenant        WBTV

Short Form Feature Television

First Place            Brian Stephenson & David Whisenant       WBTV

Long Form Feature Television

First Place        Brian Stephenson, David Whisenant, Nate Wimberly     WBTV

Charlie Harville Award: Brian Stephenson      WBTV

Charlie Harville Award: David Whisenant       WBTV


Joe Littlejohn Award:   Dan Zacharias, Ford Racing

Ken Patterson Helping Others Award:  Denny Darnell, Dodge Motorsports

Richard Petty Driver of the Year:  Jimmie Johnson

2010 NMPA/Speedway Motorsports Spirit Award Quarterly Winners:

2010 NMPA/Speedway Motorsports Spirit Award Winner:  Jim Hunter