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Sandy is a Business Owner and Electrical Engineer. Sandy was born and lived in Germany and has travelled the world as a U.S. military “brat” including living in Georgia, Kentucky and Kansas. Even though Sandy graduated from the University of South Carolina she is a die-hard Georgia Bulldog fan. Sandy worked at the Savannah River Site, a DOE facility that produces basic materials used in the fabrication of nuclear weapons in support of our nation’s defense program, for 17 years as an Electrical and Project Controls Engineer.

Sandy became interested in NASCAR when her son was four and sat in front of the TV and watched an entire race and said “That’s what I want to do”. After begging she finally broke down and took him to the 2008 All-Star race in Charlotte where his favorite driver Kasey Kahne won. They went back the next week and Kahne won again. After that experience she realized that racing wasn’t just about going in circles but had a lot to do with engineering and she was hooked.

Sandy tells everyone she meets that doesn’t like NASCAR that you have to do three things. The most important is you have to go to a race, second you have to pick a driver, and third you have to borrow or rent a headset and listen to your driver and crew chief throughout the race and you will realize it is a lot more than just going in circles. She has converted a lot of her friends and now enjoys attending as many races as she can. This is her first year writing for Motor Racing Digest, and she welcomes any and all feedback on her articles and will follow back on Twitter.


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